XV : 2008-2012

 by Bill Coons, Historian

2008-09 Season: Officers continuing were Paula Kosiorek, President; Jan Wills, VP; Margaret Ann Fragnito; Treasurer & Jenessa Wheeler, Secretary. The Summer Theatre presented “Into the Woodsl” and lost $1,607. Tom Ellison resigned as conductor of the Community Orchestra, leading to a search for a new conductor. Irina Georgieva was engaged as the new conductor. A new policy was instituted requiring performing group members to pay $35 for a GPAS membership & a $15 to Greece Continuing Education. Groups eventually complied, after initial concerns. During the year, the Board discussed many ideas for increasing income and cutting expenses. A Grant Writer was engaged. Additional concerts were held to raise money. Several performing groups took part in a Veteran’s Day concert at APAC. Guest performers at the Christmas concert were the Rush-Henrietta Bel Canto Singers. The spring choral concert was held at APAC with the Athena Select & Show Choirs. There were no June minutes as the Secretary resigned in May. Fundraiser nets were 13th Garden Tour ($6,739), Gift Wrap booth ($7,618), and Pops Concert ($1,594). Grants totaled $5,150. Ending cash balance was $36,343 + depreciated equipment of $4,925, total $41,268 (net decrease for the year: $5,076).

2009-10 Season: Officers continued, except Secretary. Marcia Najjar was appointed in January. The Summer Theatre was dark. For a fee of $150, a special flyer was included in the October Chamber of Commerce member’s mailing. The Board approved engaging a web specialist for $200. The Jazz Band Special Fund was reviewed. It accumulates pay for private appearances. It will be used to pay GPAS membership fees for band members. Tom Ellison announced that he would be moving and leaving the Jazz Band in the summer. The Board decided to end its membership in the Arts & Cultural Council. The annual Christmas concert included the Athena Select Choir. The Concert Band joined the St. John the Evangelist Church Choir in a Christmas concert. Young Artist winners also performed. A March “Motown” concert, held at APAC, included the Concert Band, Athena groups and an appearance by “Unlimited”. After the spring concert by the Choral Society and the Bach & Mozart Children’s Choruses, Choral Society held a 40th anniversary dinner at Crescent Beach. The Zecchino’s were presented with a memory scrapbook. All were featured in a D&C article. Fundraisers were 14th Garden Tour ($6,946, Charyll Monk made a Tour DVD), Gift Wrap ($7,327) and Pops Concert ($1,553). Grants totaled $6,150. Ending cash balance was $27,533 + depreciated equipment of $3,833. Total $31,366 (net decrease for the year: $9,901).

2010-11 Season: All officers continued. The Summer Theatre performances of “Once on This Island” in the Athena Forum Room lost $2,256. Rick Holland was hired as Jazz Band conductor. Greece schools were closed on Sundays. GPAS must pay to use schools on that day. Equipment storage at 500 Maiden Lane ended in December. Replacement storage was located in the St. Charles School building. 1000 copies of a new brochure were printed. Charyll Monk became Garden Tour chairperson. Veteran’s Day concerts continued. Maureen McGuire of WROC was MC. Kitty Chueng returned as violin soloist in the November Symphony Concert. Another Concert Band December concert was held at St. Johns Church. The Christmas concert included the Bach Children’s Chorus. The Choral Society joined the Consortium Concert in February. The May Choral Society concert, “Choral Fusion II”, included The St. Charles Choir, Spencerport Community Chorus, several Hochstein Singer Groups & the Lyric Choral. Gareth Greene substituted as Community Orchestra conductor during March-May due to Irina’s illness. Fundraisers were Pops Concert, held on a Sunday afternoon, ($766), 15th Garden Tour ($8,017) and Gift Wrap ($10,235). Grants were only the $4,500 from the Town. Ending cash was $30,123+ depreciable assets $2,826. Total $32,949, an increase for the year of $1,583.

2011-12 Season: All officers continued, except that Barb Dupra was appointed Secretary at the January meeting. Timothy Via was engaged as Community Orchestra conductor, and Gary Samulski added the Jazz Band to his conducting duties. Summer Theatre presented “Cabaret” at Apollo Middle School and lost $1,093. The Board explored having a GPAS weekly time at Bingo World. No action was taken. A new 3’x8’ weatherproof GPAS banner was purchased for use at events. A Bryant & Stratton intern agreed to help with updating the website for no cost. December programs included the Greece & Irondequoit Concert Bands at APAC, as a benefit for the Greece Food Shelf (563 lbs. of food were collected), and the annual Christmas Concert, including the Bach & Mozart Children’s Choruses. The Concert Band and several guest performers presented “An Evening of Irish Music & Dance” in March. All were saddened by the untimely death of VP Jan Wills on March 31, after a month in the hospital. The May Choral Society Concert featured Cindy Miller & the Chorus of the Genesee. The annual Young Artist Competitions and Recitals continued. The Summer Theatre prepared “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”. Fundraisers were: Pops Concert ($1,015), 16th Garden Tour ($8,161), Gift Wrap ($9,153). The Town grant of $4,500 continued. Ending cash was $30,818+ depreciable assets $1,879. Total $32,697, a decrease of $252 for the year.