XIX: 2015-2016

XIX. 2015-2016 Season

By Bill Coons, Historian

Last season’s officers continued, except that the VP position was vacant. At the 2016 Annual Meeting on June 2nd, A Committee, chaired by Bill Coons, was formed to look at the current By-laws, dated in 1977, and make changes as required by the 2013 New York laws regarding non-profit organizations. The Committee met 3 times over the summer, guided by an attorney from Nixon Peabody, who accepted the task probono (at no cost). The Board learned in September that an anonymous donor would match $35 memberships up to $3,500. In October, the By-laws Committee announced that a new 2016 revision to the By-laws was ready to be presented to the Board and to the membership for approval at a special member’s meeting on Dec. 1st. A letter, including a proxy, was sent to all members, and meetings were held with the performing groups to explain the new By-laws. The Board approved the new By-laws. Also, in October, Jennifer Wheeler was elected to the position of Vice President. In November, $2,640 had been received from the membership matching donor. Eric Vaughn Johnson attended his 2nd Board meeting, and is interested in being GPAS President. No other interest in the position has been received. At the special members meeting Dec. 1st, the 2016 By-laws revision was approved by 143 returned proxies. A board meeting was also held on Dec.1st. At that meeting, Paula Kosiorek resigned as President, was elected to the Board, and Eric Vaughn Johnson was elected as President. The January Board meeting took place on Dec. 29th. A Genesee Valley Arts Grant application for funds to hold a concert at Hochstein Music School was not approved, however, it was later learned that additional grant money was available, and GPAS would receive money without conditions, some of which will be used to fund a “Jump Into Spring” concert on April 2nd at the Greece Central Performing Arts Center at Athena High School (GCPAC). The February Board meeting included several announcements from our new President: the new Greece Theatre Company will present “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” at the Lyric Theatre on \East Ave. in October. Janine Mercandetti is our new Artistic Director. Samples of a new logo were seen. A “Summer Soiree” will be held at Divinci’s Restaurant on June 10th. A revised Young Artist Competition will take place in December for elementary, middle and high school students. GPAS will have a presence at some summer festivals. On Feb. 18, a special Board meeting was held to review proposals for a new logo and pass several resolutions, as required by the new By-laws. On Feb. 26, the Board Executive Committee met to discuss GPAS insurance and plans for the Young Artist Competition. At the March Board meeting, a committee was formed to evaluate a new insurance proposal. Conflict of interest policies were distributed, to be signed by Board members by the next Board meeting. In April, the Board reviewed the April 2nd concert. Several thoughts for improvement next time were expressed. Barb Dupra resigned as Secretary and as a Board member. It was learned that Isabelle Scalise, who had obtained musicians for the Garden Tour since its beginning, had passed away on March 20. GPAS was designated for memorials. The May Board meeting noted that donations in memory of Isabelle Scalise had reached $2841. Proceeds will be used for a Young Artist Scholarship. It was announced that the Annual Meeting would take place on Sep. 21st Also, at the May Choral Society concert, the Rochester Rhapsody performed, and the Choral Society performed the Mozart Requiem, which about 20 members, joining a larger group, performed at Carnegie Hall later in the spring. By June 1st, a Secretary volunteer had not appeared. Fund raisers were: Gift Wrap net, $7,771; 20th Annual Garden Tour, $7,380; Red Wing Game Concession staffing, $2,814; Pop Concert, $1,175; Shrek 2 concessions, $335. A grant of $250 was received from the Greece Chamber. Funds at year end were $14,502, a decrease of $4,165.This was due to no Town funding, and early payment for insurance (2 payments this season).