XIII : A New Century Begins

by Bill Coons, Historian

2000-01 Season: Rick Stein & Melissa Logan continued as Pres. & V.P. with Paula Kosiorek and Mary Anne Banke as Co-Treasurers. Jan Salzer became Secretary. The Summer Theatre presented “Godspell” with Mike Szatkowski as Director. Chuck Huffine was re-hired as a paid Jazz Band Director. The Community Orchestra and Concert Band were both directed by Raffaele Ponti. Using grant money, a consultant was engaged to provide advice on marketing and communication. A review of the by-laws was in process. Five Strategic Planning Committees were formed. Preparations were made for the Summer Theatre to present “Side By Side by Sondheim” in July. Notable performances were: Choral Society at the Church of the Epiphany in Washington, DC during a July tour, and at a Baptist Church gathering at Greece Baptist; Concert Band at “Make Music America 2000” with school bands at Athena HS; the 8th Festival of Sacred Music with 5 choirs; and several Symphony concerts and Jazz Band concerts. Fund raisers were: a new gift wrap booth in the Greece-Ridge Mall netted $8,109, 5th Garden Tour ($9,337), Summer Fest lemonade stand ($914), mall garage sale ($998), Pops Concert ($3,472). The Decentralization and another grant totaled $3,000. Surplus reported to the IRS was $3,246. Ending balance was $50,354.

2001-02 Season: Rick Stein continued as President. Paula Kosiorek became V.P., Melissa Logan, Treasurer & Kathleen Trak, Secretary. The Summer Theatre was reported to have lost money, but no figure was ever recorded. Early concern was voiced about decreasing membership in the instrumental performing groups. Raffaele Ponti resigned as Director of two performing groups. Glenn Call was named Director of the Concert Band, and Brian Casper of the Community Orchestra. Nancy Boerner chaired the Garden Tour, replacing Charyll Monk and Carol Coons. The Jazz Band recorded a CD to be sold for $15, and played new venues at Tom Wahls in Avon, Fairport High School & at the Canandaigua Arts Festival. Other group performances included the Concert Band at the Lilac Festival and the Choral Society at a Town Hall community prayer service. Fund raisers included the 6th Annual Garden Tour ($10,276), Summer Fest lemonade stand ($766), Pops concert ($3,641), gift wrap booth ($9,916) & sale of cookbooks ($983 loss). Grants included Walmart ($1,000) and the Arts Council ($1,250). A year-end loss of $71 was reported, with ending balance of $50,283.

2002-03 Season: All officers continued until November, when Pat Larkin became Secretary. There was no Summer Theatre due to construction at Athena HS. A marketing plan was presented by a specialist hired using grant money. Much effort was spent throughout the year on “Strategic Directions”. A meeting with the Ad Council of Rochester resulted in many ideas for promoting GPAS. The possibility of using the new Athena Performing Arts Center under construction was also discussed. The hotline received a new script, and a new brochure was produced. Work began on a Summer Theatre production of “Snoopy” Jazz Band concerts included at the Highland Bowl, the Corn Hill Arts Festival, with the Honeoye School Bands & with the Sweet Adelines at Brockport College. Other concerts were the Symphony Orchestra at the First Universalist Church, and the Concert Band at St. John’s church in a fundraiser for the Journey Home hospice. The other usual fundraisers were held. The records do not show the net profit of each, but they must have been substantial, as the reported surplus was $17,060. Ending balance was $67,343.

2003-04 Season: All officers continued except Sallyann Breneman became Treasurer. Work on revising the by-laws continued throughout the season. There was no report on the results of the Summer Theatre. For the first time in memory, the Christmas concert was postponed for a week due to a substantial snowstorm. The scheduled special guests cancelled and were replaced by the St. Charles Choir. The Summer Theatre started work on “Seussical the Musical” to be performed at Aquinas HS as Greece schools were not available. A $2,500 grant for the Theatre was received from the Arts Council. The Choral Society was joined by the Lakewood Area Choral Society from Michigan for a special concert in June. Their conductor is a former student of Ralph Zecchino. The Jazz Band performed before Christmas at the Montage Grille in downtown Rochester. The Concert Band gave a May performance at St. Bernard’s on Lake Ave. Fundraisers included: Lemonade stand ($38), & 8th Annual Garden Tour ($12,611), gift wrap booth ($10,379) & Pops Concert ($3,700). Grants in the IRS filing list $7,200 from the Arts Council, however, the only one mentioned in the Board minutes is listed above. Reported surplus was $4,209. Ending balance was $71,552.