XII : The Late 90’s

by  Bill Coons, Historian 

1996-97 Season: Chuck Huffine & Mary Jo Karpenko continued as Pres. & V.P. Dan Ritz replaced Lisa Lay as Treasurer. Elaine Stein became Secretary. Mary Jo also acted as performing groups coordinator. No Summer Theatre was planned due to lack of a manager. A new GPAS logo required new stationery. In the spring, a Jazz Band was organized with Tom Ellison as temporary Director. The Adopt-A-Highway contract was renewed. Concerns expressed were: disappointing membership campaign, low Board meeting attendance & low performer support. Among many special concerts were: Choral Society & Concert Band at the ’96 Summer Fest & the ’97 Maplewood Rose Festival, Verdi Requiem with Choral Society & Geneseo Chorus & Orchestra-2 performances, Fall Pops with Concert Band & Sweet Adelines, ensembles at the Historical Society, mall Christmas concert with Community Orchestra & school string students & a May Pops Concert with Symphony & Choral Society at Olympia. Fundraisers were: a new Garden Tour in June ($4,531), Summer Fest lemonade stand ($1,444), mall garage sale ($2,733), 3 Pops Concerts ($6,508). The Decentralization and a bank grant totaled $2,800. Surplus reported to the IRS was $4,309. Ending balance was $24,566 including $3,755 in the Theatre account.

1997-98 Season: All previous officers continued. There was no Summer Theatre. Board actions: officially add the Jazz Band , directed by Chuck Huffine, to GPAS Performing Groups; announce that performers must join GPAS or be added to a volunteer roster; spend $7,237 from accumulated surplus for Choral Society risers; approve an arrangement with Kodak to store equipment & other GPAS supplies in a house on Merrill St.; sell t-shirts with the new logo and spend a $4,000 NYS grant for percussion equipment. The Choral Society made a CD to be sold for $15. Concerts included the Concert Band at the Town Summer Fest, Halloween Spooktacular with Choral Society, Concert Band & Jazz Band, Greece Symphony and Athena Select Choir, ensembles at Barnes & Noble, Starbucks opening, & a Rotary luncheon, Concert Band at Nazareth Academy, Jazz Band and Pinebrook Band at that school and the 7th Festival of Sacred Music. Fund raisers included the 2nd Annual Garden Tour ($7,220), Summer Fest lemonade stand ($799), garage sale ($1,509) , perform at Starbucks ($877) & t-shirt sale ($20). Grants include NYS ($4,000) and the Arts Council ($2,700). Cash position for the year fell $192, however $10,724 was spent for equipment. Net assets were $35,098. The Theatre account was closed and the money was added to other GPAS funds.

1998-99 Season: All new officers: Rick Stein, President, Melissa Logan, V.P., Mary Ann Banke, Treasurer and Elizabeth Hanks-Ovando, Secretary. A “County In Bloom” garden was planted near I390. A GPAS phone number & a web site were established. An agreement with the Town signaled the beginning of the Supervisor’s Concerts, featuring all the performing groups, one each month, starting in June. Notable concerts were: Concert Band at the ’98 Summer Fest, Choral Society & Jazz Band at Charlotte Beach, Choral Society at a Prism Concert at Eastman, Greece & Olympia Jazz Bands-Big Band Jazz, Concert Band & Nazareth Academy Band & Select Choir, Community Orchestra & Orchestra of 3 Greece high Schools, Choral Society, Symphony & Nazareth Children’s Choir performing Carmina Burana and Community Orchestra & Concert Band in Athena Forum Room. Fund raisers were Garage sale ($1,917), Lemonade stand ($1,990), Jazz concert ($1,022), Carmina Concert lost $680, and 3rd Annual Garden Tour (about $9000). An Arts for Greater Rochester Stabilization Grant of $3,000 was received. Surplus was $6,843. Net assets were $41,941.

1999-2000 Season: Janet Salzer became Secretary. Mary Ann Banke resigned as Treasurer butcontinued to serve. Paula Kosiorek agreed in April to be Co-Treasurer. The Board held a retreat, and agreed to work on an increased volunteer base, creative planning, communications & marketing. Supervisor’s Concerts continued in the summer. Janine Sarkis was hired as Program Coordinator for 5 hours/wk, funded by a grant from the NYS Arts Council. Ginger Minor had resigned from the previous voluntary position. The Choral Society celebrated its 30th anniversary with a concert and banquet. A new, shorter mission statement was approved: “GPAS provides opportunities to participate in the performing arts, develops community support, promotes education and growth, and fosters an appreciation of the arts in our community.” Mike Szatkowski agreed to manage Summer Theatre performances of “Godspell” next summer. Registration fee for the Young Artist competition was raised to $20. Special concerts were: Jazz band at the Summer Fest, at a YMCA Halloween fund raiser, and with the Nazareth College Jazz Band at Olympia; a holiday concert with Concert Band & Community Orchestra at St. John the Evangelist Church; Community Orchestra at the Town holiday celebration; Jazz Band with dance instruction at West Ridge School & Concert Band “Marches in May’ at Olympia. Fund raisers were Garage sale ($1,500), Lemonade stand ($1,932) & 4th Annual Garden Tour ($8.750). Grants included $3,500 from the NYS Arts Council and $1,000 from Target to purchase a digital piano for the Jazz Band. Financial information in the files is incomplete.