VIII : The Early 80’s

by Bill Coons, Historian

1981-82 Season: The Summer Theatre presented an ambitious season consisting of “Chicago”, “Grease”, “Room Service” and “Scenes from American Life”. In spite of an increase in ticket price, the season ended with a deficit of $934. President Goodhue announced in Sept. that the positions of Program Coordinator, Treasurer, and Recording Secretary needed to be filled. William Coons was elected Treasurer. The basic membership fee was raised to $15. Treasurer Coons reported in Nov. that there was insufficient money available to pay all outstanding bills. A crisis was avoided with the receipt of additional funds. Kathy McMullen agreed to be acting Secretary. No grant money was received from NYSCA. Another dinner dance was held at the Mapledale in March, with attendance of 388 and income of $1,721. GPAS hosted a promotional booth at Long ridge Mall in April. It was learned that the Summer Theatre needed to move to Olympia due to asbestos problems at Athena. In June, a garage sale was held at the Alleman house, earning $526, and a fund raising concert featuring Don Potter was held at Olympia. Paid attendance was about 400, but the concert netting only $187. Total GPAS membership for the year fell to 265 from 294. The treasury ending balance was $1,999.

1982-83 Season: The Summer Theatre presented “No, No, Nannette”, “Man of LaMancha”, and “See How They Run”, and made a profit of $1,426. The season began with election of new officers: Glen Alleman, President; Zoilo Tan, V.P.; Celeste Eselgroth, Corresp. Sect’y; Georgianna White, Rec. Sect’y. Betty Adams was appointed Program Coordinator. It was agreed that donations would be requested at all concerts. Nov. featured a Summer Theatre Dinner Theatre at the Airport Marriott, presenting a musical review of their 1st 10 years, netting $215, and the garage sale, relocated to Olympia, netting $844. A budget of $16,870 was adopted. The dinner dance became the Pops Concert, called “Blow Away the Winter Blahs”, and it was moved to the Arcadia Commons area in Jan. NYSCA grants of $1,000 for GPAS and $2,000 for the Summer Theatre’ 1982 season were received. March brought a Summer Theatre presentation of “Cole”. Another fund-raiser, the Chinese dinner, was launched in April at the Shanghai Restaurant, earning $368. The performance season ended with the presentation of the Verdi Requiem featuring the Choral Society and Symphony combined with similar groups from SUNY Geneseo. Membership again fell to 220, creating a need for additional fund-raising. Betty Adams resigned as Program Coordinator but continued as Publicity Director. The treasury ending balance was $793.

1983-84 Season: The Summer Theatre presented “Something’s Afoot”, “Death Trap” and “Sweeney Todd” at Arcadia. Attendance was down, resulting in a deficit of $3,646, reducing available funds below those needed to launch another season. Bill Fellows was elected V.P. while other officers continued. An October Garage Sale made $1,166. The January Pops Concert, held at Arcadia, raised $832. Summer Theatre held a fund-raiser in Feb., presenting “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”, with earnings of $734. The Young Artist recital was at West Side Baptist Church. A 2nd Chinese dinner in April earned $709. Funds were borrowed to enable the Summer Theatre to plan another season. A spring garage sale for their benefit netted $300. All performing groups had usual seasons. Jim Harrington conducted the Community Orchestra. The Treasury ending balance was $1,701.

1984-85 Season: The Summer Theatre presented “Annie”, “The Boys from Syracuse” and “No Sex Please, We’re British” at Olympia and set record attendance. Earnings were $3,467, thus restoring the working balance for the following year. Bill Fellows was elected President and Myron White, VP. Bob Holtz was Program Coordinator. The Choral Society participated in a Wendell Harrison conference in August. In Oct., the Choral Society sang with the RPO in Rochester and Penn Yan, and again at the Eastman in June. GPAS sponsored RPO concerts in Greece and received $3,000 from the town to cover the costs. A garage sale netted $708. The Choral Society and the Symphony performed the Christmas portion of the Messiah at the Christmas concert. The 1st Festival of Religious Music occurred in March at St. Charles Church with 3 church choirs and the Choral Society. The Symphony played twice with the Brockport Symphony. Tara Noval was a soloist. Fund raisers were another Chinese Dinner ($620) and the Pops Concert ($1,102). GPAS received $2,000 from NYSCA. Membership for the year ended up the same as the previous year. Ending Treasury balance was $1,583.