GPAS History

Bill Coons (GPAS Historian) was born in St Paul, MN he attended Univ. of Minnesota and graduated in 1953 with degrees in Mechanical Engineering  & Business Administration. Bill started working for Eastman Kodak as an Industrial Engineer until he was drafted into US Army in 1954 and stationed near Stuttgart, Germany. He returned to Kodak to the same job in 1956 and joined the third Presbyterian Church choir until he joined GPAS Choral Society in 1975. Bill was elected to the GPAS Board in 1981, and immediately appointed GPAS Treasurer and served for 12 years. He also served as GPAS Program Coordinator for 9 years, 1986-95. Then, with Board approval, created the position of GPAS Historian and began writing a GPAS History, which continues in issues of the Newsletter. Bill retired from Kodak in 1986 and rejoined the Board in 2014 and Chaired a Committee to update the GPAS By-laws, which were approved by the members in December, 2016.