Greece Performing Arts Society    

"Bringing the Arts Home"


P.O. Box 26643 Rochester, NY 14626

Information Hotline (585) 234-5636


The Greece Performing Arts Society was formed in 1969 as a volunteer organization to foster the development of an appreciation of the performing arts in the community.

GPAS provides a variety of opportunities for hundreds of community residents of all age groups. It is are one of the oldest established community arts groups in New York State and offers broader programs than any similar group.

The Greece Performing Arts Society is priviledged to present five extraordinary musical performing groups comprised of people from all ages and backgrounds. We provide avenues for invidivduals to develop their musical abilities. At our Events you will hear major classical works, Broadway melodies, traditional marches, movie themes and even swing music!

BECOME A MEMBER! We invite you to join as a member for our 2012 season.  Your donation will help to support our many concerts and events that we are proud to bring you. Please call our information hotline, leave your name and address at the end of the message, and a membership form will be mailed to you.

Our concerts and shows reach out to the community through our performances at area malls, nursing homes, senior centers, schools and the Lifelong Learning Program. We have been fortunate to provide concerts that have featured performances by well-known artists.

All of our musicians are volunteers as well as our Board of Directors, committee members and event chair people. We presently have more than two hundred volunteers from the Monroe County area.

The Greece Performing Arts Society is proud to have celebrated forty years of bringing the arts to you, our community, and we look forward to having you as an important part of our future!

You can contact the Greece Performing Arts Society through our Information Hot-Line: (585) 234-5636


The Greece Summer Theater

The Young Artists Competition

Community Orchestra

Choral Society

Notable Garden Tour

Concert Band

Jazz Band





     GPAS Board of Directors
Paula Kosiorek  

Vice President:



Mike Szatkowski

Barb Dupra

Eileen Robillard


Board Members

Philip Gauldin
              Sandy Stanbridge

    George Mathis 

Bill Coons

Eileen Webber
Beth Dzakowic

Program Coordinator
Janine Sarkis

Check out the GPAS Hotline: (585) 234-5636